jordanian lead books

"Shut up the words and seal the book, until the time of the end" - Daniel 12.4.



The Centre will post one image each month and invite comments on it, via our email address. These comments will be considered by the Evaluation Panel and any that are included in the Centre’s reports will be acknowledged, if they have been sent with a full name.

  1. What might the top portion’s horizontal ladder-like device be, and what are the two objects that flank it?
  2. What might the six small upright branch-like objects on top of the ladder-like device be?
  3. What might the two inverted triangular objects in the middle centre depict?
  4. What might the grid of two rows of block-like devices on the bottom depict?
  5. How can we interpret the four letters that flank the middle date palm tree?
  6. How can we interpret the long string of letters beneath the top ladder-like device?

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