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"Shut up the words and seal the book, until the time of the end" - Daniel 12.4.


About Us

The Centre is developing, and at present comprises:

The Board
  • Dr Margaret Barker (Chairman)
  • Tom Spencer (Vice Chairman)
  • Sir Tony Baldry
  • Mrs Annette Dale
  • Prof. Yuri Stoyanov

We plan further appointments, including two members from Jordan.

The Academic Panel

Chairmen: Prof. Robert Hayward.

  • Dr Margaret Barker
  • Dr Robert Feather
  • Mr Matthew Hood
  • Prof. Chris Jeynes
  • Prof. Bernhard Lang
  • Prof. Yuri Stoyanov
  • Dr Samuel Zinner

Prof. Philip Davies, one of our original members, died on May 31st 2018.

The Advisory Council is being developed with Dr Fayez Khasawneh as Chairman.


About the lead books

  1. The Jordan Lead Books - Download
  2. What are the Jordan lead Books? - Download
  3. Sealed Books in the Bible - Download
  4. The Concept of “Book” and “Sealed Book” in Ancient Jewish Literature - Download
  5. Palaeo-Hebrew - Download
  6. Epigraphy of the Jordan lead Books - Download
  7. Ancient Metal Books and Tablets in History and Lore - Download
  8. Artistic and Textual Contents - Download

Mr David Elkington

Mr David Elkington has no association with the Centre for the Study of the Jordanian Lead Books.

His claims on after the setting up of the Centre , to be “The official Jordan Codices site” and that “This Facebook page is moderated by an Anglo-Jordanian team, which has been working on the historical, linguistic and forensic analysis of the codices since the discovery was first brought to public attention” are incorrect.

The Facebook page is moderated, as far as we know, only by the Elkingtons. We are unaware of any scholars being involved in it. In addition, the lead books story was not first announced, as Mr Elkington reports, on the BBC Today programme on 29 April 2011. but in the 3 March 2011 edition of The Jewish Chronicle. And while Jennifer Elkington was briefly linked to Centre, she resigned in 2015. The video of her at the Centre’s launch ceremony posted on the Elkingtons' Facebook page gives an inaccurate impression. Because Mr Elkington owns photographs of some Jordanian lead books, some of the Centre scholars have publicly worked with him previously, but we do so no longer. He currently has no connection to the Centre.

Mr Elkington has never been a spokesman for the Centre nor does he now speak for any scholars of Hebrew associated with the Centre. The Centre has never given him permission to use our translations or other research results from the Hebrew scholars. This international team of Hebrew scholars is associated solely with the Centre for the Study of the Jordanian Lead Books, whose official website is It is the only site containing material from the Centre about the Jordan Lead Books.

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