jordanian lead books

"Shut up the words and seal the book, until the time of the end" - Daniel 12.4.



The copyright material published here belongs to the Centre for the Study of the Jordanian Lead Books. The Evaluation Panel offers these papers as a basis for discussion and further research. Please send your comments using our email address.

The writing on the metal books is not babble. There is definitely code or encryption in the writing. Members of the Panel have already prepared some translations, these were presented as a preliminary report to the Board of the Centre at the Annual General Meeting on the 26th May 2016. The Board will decide in what form to publish them.

  1. Presentation for the Temenos Academy on September 20th 2017 at the Royal Asiatic Society, London - Download - Images
  2. Response to the Bloggers - Download
  3. The Horn of Salvation - Download - Image
  4. Son of the Star: Bar Kokhba and the Jordanian lead books - Download

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